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American Crew Forming Cream

I have spent my entire life perfecting my imperfect hair; it has gained me accolades but it hasn’t been without its problems. I have tried endless amounts of different products and can easily say that I have no one favourite because with each different hair style, or cut, you need a different product to best suit your styling needs. Now that my hair is longer … Continue reading American Crew Forming Cream


STORE OF THE WEEK: School House Electric

As someone who is always hunting for the next thing for my home or a client or an event, I come across a lot of great stores and resources everyday. Some people like to keep their sources secret, I say share them and the whole world benefits from the beauty of design. With this in mind, I have started store of the week. It can … Continue reading STORE OF THE WEEK: School House Electric


Kendrick Lamar Deconstruct Classic Rebooks

Anyone who knows anything about me should know that I hold deconstruction in high regards – from Derrida to Kawakubo and even Margiela. These are my peps and these just might be my new kicks thanks to Kendrick Lamar. Yes you may call them ugly and hate that huge scar up the middle of each shoe. And why don’t they match? These shoes aren’t for … Continue reading Kendrick Lamar Deconstruct Classic Rebooks


Palm Trees from Nixon

I always find men need to have more fun with their accessories and no I don’t mean humorous ties. Dumbass! The latest from Nixon might just fill this void. The brand has once again teamed up with contemporary pop artist Steven Harrington for a limited-edition capsule collection containing two of Nixon’s most iconic silhouettes. The timepieces feature Harrington’s playful signature palm tree on the dial of the latter. Limited quantities, … Continue reading Palm Trees from Nixon