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Anyone who knows me, knows that Hayley Elsaesser psychedelic midnight cowboy collection was un peu trop much for me. But I do applaud any designer who goes for it with prints and I just might consider rocking these printed pants and jean jacket. See the rest of the show yourself below:

Photo by George Pimentel

Transforming Mountains

Many designers turned to the mountain cut for an update to their latest sneakers (one of my favourites was Balenciaga) but few transformed the mountain the same way as shoe brand Filling Pieces - who literally cut the top off the mountain and turned the traditional boot style into a low top. Available in multiple finishes – here just a few of my favourites. Now you just have to make the difficult decision of which pair to buy.

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Wine with a little Wit and Whimsy

Usually I like my stemware clean and classic - Riedel or Alessi are my go-to brands for stemware. I emphasize stemware as I prefer mine with stems, I can’t stand all the fingerprints you get on those stemless wine glasses. Too gauche for my liking. But all that clean and classic might soon be replaced by a little wit and whimsy care of Gum Design. How can you not smile from these wine glasses that appear to be sharing an intimate moment?

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Passionale Wine glasses, 118 EURO       Rilassato Champagne Coupes, 52 EURO

Krewe du Optic

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I recently discovered New Orleans based optical brand Krewe du Optic and as a long time supporter of my adopted second city I had to share it with you all. All the glasses are handmade using superior lenses, Italian acetate and premium hinges, these sunnies should last a long time—due to the quality of materials and style. My favourites?

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.38.09 AM

JLP in Cypress – named after famous pirate Jean Lafitte, $225


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.41.56 AM

The St Louis in Bengal, $75 – how can you beat that?


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LGD (Lower Garden District) in Camo, $235


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Toulouse in Champagne, $215

Sexy Bulb Mate


I will be the first to admit that I hate the look of 99% of all energy efficient light bulbs. They are simply ugly – and it makes it harder to save the earth with ugly things. Does that make me a bad person? Probably.

Well now BUSTER has solved my conundrum. The Buster, aptly named after the firm Buster and Punch,  consumes just 5% of the energy used by a standard bulb. More importantly, it’s fucking sexy. Each bulb is available in gold, smoked gray or bright crystal.  But the interior is where the magic happens lies; at the heart of the BUSTER is a patented resin pipe that creates ambient light but can also cast a focused spotlight onto surfaces directly below. The bulb will fit in any fixture with an E27 base.

The BUSTER bulb retails for $59 and is available through Buster + Punch now.