What could be better than MMM? Well MMMxM, it’s simple math.

Mykita and Maison Martin Margiela have joined forced to launch a capsule collection of eyewear. And it is sublime. The collection marries the aesthetics of both brands – beautifully. The idea behind the collection was how do we reduce historical eyewear shapes down to their essences? It is “historical” yet” futuristic”. ImageImageImageImageImage


Available at select Mykita and Margiela shops and online starting tomorrow.

Time for a Hurricane

I know many people come to New Orleans for the amazing food and music but the real secret in this city is that it has amazing cocktails. No I don’t mean those terrible hand grenades or all those slushy tourist drinks you see on Bourbon street. This is the city that invented the cocktail and part of my time in, my second home, New Orleans has always been about discovering the best cocktails. We are going to start it off with a classic that so many people get wrong – the Hurricane.

The Hurricane was invented by Pat O’Brien at his namesake bar in the 1940’s as a way to dispose of all the rum that liquor distributors forced him to buy to get at the more popular scotch and bourbon. Sounds promising doesn’t it? Pat’s is the original and it is terrible. Trust me, no drink should be that brightly coloured. It is made with artificial mixes. If you want the best Hurricane you will find it in the most unlikely place and it comes in a terrible plastic go-cup.  When in NOLA, you must get your Hurricane at LaFitte’s Blacksmith Shop. This is where the locals go for Hurricanes;  the oldest bar in the USA since 1772.


If you can’t make it to NOLA, here is the recipe. The recipe may sound strong but it goes down smoothly while it kicks your ass.

  • 6 oz Dark Rum
  • 6 oz Light Rum
  • 5 oz Fresh Orange Juice
  • 5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 2 oz Fresh Guava Juice
  • 2 oz Fresh Passion Fruit Juice
  • Cherry
  • Orange Slice

1. Shake it all together. Just like a Hurricane.

2. Drink

3. Repeat

Steven Klein’s boys

Fashion photographer Steven Klein needs no introduction. Well known for his edgy, gritty, sexy approach to fashion photography, Steven has made a name for himself for never shying away from controversy. Now he teams up with Nicola Formichetti for EY! powered by Diesel. The results are a sexy 70s throwback – perhaps this is another move by Formichetti to push the Diesel brand back into relevancy. And it’s working.


See the complete series here:

Ben hooks up with Matthew

Fashion brands love to hook up on collaborations – everyone working together to create a capsule collection. But like all hook ups, the offspring aren’t always pretty. Or sometimes the results just seem like something the original brand could have come up with own their own. Luckily for Ben Sherman, Matthew Miller brings a new edge to the brand I often find missing from Sherman.

For Spring/Summer 2014, these two British houses have come together around the idea of a ‘disaffected generation’ “that forms an identity through rebellion and the pressure to conform.”  Aren’t we all part of the ‘DGF’ (Disaffected Generation Forever) ? We might as well wear it proudly. My picks from the collection: the shirting. Collection available as of April 22 online.


Fisherman Stripes

Did you know that the Breton stripe made popular by Coco Chanel first came from menswear? Originally it was the uniform of the fisherman of Brittany, the iconic striped design was adopted by the French navy and became synonymous with maritime pursuits long before it was a fashion favourite. Maybe it’s time you rock those stripes again this summer. Here are my favourites – the shoulder button details win me over.


Balmain, $725


Burberry Brit, $350


APC, $195

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.35.07 AM Thom Browne, $690


Here’s a tip – remember all those short shorts I recommend (shorts that show 3 or for more inches above the knee), they look best with a long sleeve top. It’s all about balance. It’s a trick stolen from the ladies on how to keep it classy, if a woman wants to wear a very short dress then she doesn’t also go for one that shows off her decolletage.



The Joys of Toile de Jouy

It has become quite fashionable, as of late, for women to sport fabrics that remind you of your Bubbe’s sofa or wallpaper. And I argue why let the women have all the fun – menswear needs to embrace more wallpaper fabrics. Trying it with your swimwear might be the easiest way to do it. Enter Robinson les Bains.


And for you men who are scared to show a little leg – a longer version.


A very Smart Watch

One of my biggest complaints about all these smart watches everyone seems to be producing is that they are all ugly. CAPITAL U G L Y.  I would never wear any of them. Enter Box Clever and SPAN. SPAN is a proposal of what a smart watch should be. The watch is a quartz-driven timekeeping unit where the hour hand operates at the top half of the watch, while the minute hand ticks away on the lower. CLear across the center is a digital OLED screen that shares the most important updates, alerts and reminders. The OLED is designed to work in conjunction with your smartphone.

The watch eschews the necessity of a touchscreen for a textured bezel surrounding the watch face; the bezel can even allow you to answer phone calls. Each digital element is charged through a micro-USB port hidden in the back of the watch. Clever. The Span Watch is fucking slick. Simple. I might even trade in my Bell & Ross for this bad bitch.


images courtesy of Box Clever