Goop For CB2: Is the Goop Good?

Well lots start off by saying that is a bit of a loaded question…

I have to admit that I am neither a undying fan or dissenter of the Paltrow – some stuff is good and some stuff is bad (her movies, the Goop, etc). So now it seems Gwyneth and the Goop team have collaborated with CB2 on a collection. Which seems a bit strange as I am sure she has never stepped foot in a CB2. And her brand seems less hip than CB2 approach to home. But if you put that aside, you can find a few great pieces and an assortment of ‘meh’ pieces with high price points for CB2 land. I don’t know about you, but when I plan on buying my $9000 sofa it won’t be from a brand built on ‘affordable design’. So what’s good and what’s goop?

My picks:

The Chelsea Dinnerware collection features bone china and a good price. I am loving the bird motives. Definitely good everyday China – buy uit.

Chelsea Dinnerware from $22.95 CAD


Now this mirror is supposed to be inspired by a punk band, making us believe Goop  is edgy? Meh, either way it’s a cool tri-mirror combo at a great price.

Negazione Mirror Set of 3, $279 CAD


This etagere is the perfect combo of taking classic industrial design shelving and upping the luxe factor (and the price point). But it is worth every penny. Trust me. This will be a design classic.

PImlico Etagere, $2499 CAD


The slim silhouette of this elongated sconce would be beautiful in any bedroom. Or bathroom. Definitely a keeper.


Leggero Pole Sconcse, $229 CAD

Now this is an item I never knew I wanted and now I have to have it…a perfectly chic container to store your strike any matches. And you can light them on the glass orb. Now I don’t know about you but lighting your Diptyque in any other way seems so uncivilized now.

Curve Ball Match Striker, $52 CAD

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