White Denim: Not Just for Summer Anymore

In North America, we seem to bide by some pretty old fashioned fashion rules. Every year, post Memorial day, men pull out their white jeans (or white pants) out of their closet. And subsequently, they quickly pack them away once Labour Day hits. But in places like Italy, white denim is a year round staple. They are the perfect crisp pair of pants that update any outfit. So why keep them only for summer? The rules are changing and I would argue, so should you. Let’s just decide here and now that white denim is now officially a staple that should be in every man’s wardrobe.

Yes, yes I know. These bottoms are not always easy to pull off. Get ’em right and you are cool as Ryan Gosling. Get ’em wrong and you are… well let’s not go there. So here are my tips…

1. Select a slim fit
Like everything in mens’ fashion, fit is king; it is the most important thing to consider. While white jeans are not traditionally the friend of the heavier man, we think any man can pull off this trend if they are opt for a slimmer fit. Too much excess fabric makes white denim look extra sloppy. Too tight and whatever unsightly bulges you’re hiding underneath will be all the more apparent. See, we told you white denim could be tricky. But what doest that mean? Keep it clean and fitted with a slim cut that should be hemmed to sit just above the shoe. If you want a little more ankle baring, cuff ’em up.

2. Keep it clean
Nothing looks worse than dirty white denim. The impact of white denim comes from their crispness; these guys need to stay perfectly white. The slightest spot, smear or smudge will render them into a fashion faux pas. Therefore, no sitting on the grass (have you ever tried to get grass stains out of white?) – ever. And make sure that napkin is firmly in your lap when you chowing down on summer barbecue.

3. Clever (and pristine) footwear
If you are ready to purchase a pair of crisp white jeans, you’ll want to first make sure your shoe choice doesn’t ruin the whole look. This is not the time to wear some old grubby shoes. The pristine whiteness of your jeans will draw attention to your old beat up kicks like a flashing arrow. So what should you do? Many will tell you to stick to a driving shoe or a pair of boat shoes. But those rules are meant for the past – you can wear them with almost any shoe of choice. We suggested a pair of cool fashion forward sneakers. The only rule to keep in mind: make sure they are clean. And If you want to go for white shoes with white jeans, opt of for a pair of sneakers like some Stan Smiths or even some all white Nikes.

4. Colour blocking
Colour blocking is an age old stylist twist. Even when we aren’t talking about it as the latest trend, it is still everywhere. A pair of white jeans look their best when they paired in high contrast with something else; top your outfit with a bold colour such as red or black or even navy. Colour blocking helps draw the eye upward, which, in many cases, makes you look taller (and this means slimmer). Yes, this means avoid an all white outfit unless you are headed to a white party or are spending time in Miami. White jeans offer the perfect way to rock the Canadian Tuxedo (aka denim-on-denim)  in the warmer months – just add a fresh white T-shirt and a blue denim jacket.

5. Wear ’em proudly
Any time you attempt a new trend you have to make sure you feel confident while doing so.  This doesn’t mean you have to look cocky while doing so. But if you think you look good, then other people are more likely to agree. Just remember white denim is cool. And they will keep you cool under the scorching sun.

6. Rip them up
If you have read this far, you must been ready to jump on the bandwagon. So what is holding you back? Do white jeans still feel to preppy to you? A little too precious? Rip them up. Slashed denim is a trend that seems to be continuing and there is something about some ripped white jeans that move this look into a rocker trend from its decidedly prepster origins.

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