Coach 1941 Steps Up Their Game With Outerwear

I know that within the circle of people I surround myself in that the word Coach is almost a dirty word. Yes, I agree it’s a brand that overstretched and overproduced and quickly lost its lustre. It quickly became known as an outlet brand – sadly. But things have turned around at the brand – they have re-grouped and re-designed. They have gone back to their luxury roots with Coach 1941 They have scaled back and turned a corner – they have good stuff over there. Although I will admit that the menswear shoes still fall short compared to the womenswear. That being said, I think you should consider wandering into a Coach store next time you see one. I did and I fell in love with many of the Coach 1941 outerwear options for the season.

Varsity Racer Duffle Coat, $2500


Shearling Mix Duffle Coat, $3251





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