American Crew: Don’t Leave Home Without It

One of my go-to hair product brands has always been American Crew. I have always been a big fan of all their products to tame my many hair concerns. I am sure I have used every product in their arsenal for my ever evolving hair styles over the years – that is until now. The brand recently introduced to new creams: Firm Hold Styling Cream and Fiber Cream.


Up first, the Fiber Cream. Much like the brand’s classic fiber product, the fiber cream feels like it is made with fibers of product. As you work the product in your hands (which you should always do – it warms it up and makes it work better), you can see the strands of product that work to create a great hold. What I liked about the Fiber Cream is that it gives a medium hold (classic Fiber is a strong hold) and a natural low shine. This is a cream that combines flexibility with control; it gives your hair refined texture.

Application: Apply liberally to damp hair or lightly to dry hair and style as desired. Let hair air dry naturally if applied to damp hair.

This little tube is my favourite travel companion – compact size and fits within your carry-on limits.

The Firm Hold Styling Cream feels like it could be Fiber Cream’s younger brother – a little less hold for your more natural hair styles. I love running this product through my hair when it’s a bit damp still to create a natural yet controlled style. This guy has great pliable hold. It is a long lasting moisturizer, prevents from hair damage, thickens hair and improves luster and shine. But what I love best about it – if you don’t wash your hair daily it doesn’t leave lots of build up in your hair and styling on day two is even easier. And when it comes time to wash, it easily rinses out without leaving any residue.

Application: Squeeze a small amount into palms. Rub hands together and work throughout damp hair. Add product to dry hair if more texture is desired.




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