Off-Roading with the GMC Sierra Denali

Most people who know me don’t think I would enjoy driving a truck. Those people obviously don’t really know me.

It is true, I probably come across more like someone who would drive a luxury sedan or sports car. Sure, those are pretty to cruise around the city in but that’s not really who I am. I often need something more rugged in my life. As someone who regularly heads to Home Depot to pick up construction supplies for their latest clients’ project, a truck is my best friend. It’s also perfect for those weekends when you hit the antique markets. Sure you may be thinking to yourself that an SUV would do me just as well but here’s the rub, the cargo areas in SUVs keep shrinking. And I wouldn’t want to pass up a great vintage neon bar sign at Brimfield because it didn’t fit in my vehicle. It will always fit in the back of a pick up truck. Just strap ’em down and hit the road. Enter the GMC Sierra Denali.

Now the reason I am a fan of the GMC Sierra Denali is that it has all the horsepower and towing power you would expect from a GMC truck but it also has a sweet interior that would make any city boy swoon. The interior features supple leather seats and all the latest tech you would expect built into the dashboard.

  • Heated and vented driver’s and front passenger 12-way power-adjustable bucket seats
  • Perforated leather-appointed seating designed to provide comfort and ventilation
  • BOSE sound system
  • Features Intellink and Apple CarPlay
  • Wireless Charging Mat, which allows you to seamlessly charge phones, tablets, or other mobile devices with ease.
  • Power Sunroof


And now the power:

  • Available 6.2L V8 offers 420 horsepower, more than any other gas pickup2
  • Standard EcoTec3 5.3L V8 engine offers the best gas V8 fuel efficiency in any full-size pickup2
  • Eaton® automatic locking rear differential locks rear wheels at a consistent speed, providing improved traction and enhanced control

I recently took the GMC Sierra Denali for a test drive through the downtown core of Calgary and off-roading through the hills of rural Alberta. And all I can say is that the truck handle just as well in the city as it did in the off-road. Further, the comfort level was superb for both passenger and driver. I even cranked those tunes and tested out the premium sound, you will not be disappointed. I think my next vehicle is going to be a truck – perfect for hauling everything I will need for our next home renovation.

The GMC Sierra Denali starts at $66,295


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