Classic Americana: Levi’s Trucker Sherpa Jacket

Levi’s has been ingrained into the fabric of Americana for the past 165 years – it is a brand full of cultural capital and pop culture references. And although some may feel in falls in and out of favour with the fashion set – those silly trend chasers. True fashion lovers always have a place for Levi’s in their wardrobe – from a classic pair of Levis jeans to their staple jean jacket. Their are certain items that I think are sacrilege to buy from anyone else but Levi’s. Case and point – the Levi’s Trucker Sherpa jacket. First created by the brand in the 1960s, the trucker jean jacket became a staple of American fashion. And if you are going to buy a Sherpa Trucker Jacket why buy anything other than the original. It would just be silly. And a fashion mis-step.

Get yours here.



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Christian has been a cultural and style junkie since the age of 6; while most kids were swiping cookies, he was swiping his grandfathers' Patek Philippe. Raised to appreciate art, fashion,design and  literature (yeah, this one actually reads) by a single mother fondly called Jackie-O. Christian quickly went from childhood cultural capital thief to academia protégé. Referred to as the cat's meow by some, too clever by half by others, Christian eschewed the academic life and ran away to join the circus -the fashion circus. Several well-appointed positions later and a career on the rise would be most people's dream but it was time to say fuck off and start all over again.

This is Christian Dare Unedited.