WG Everyday Carry Grill: Perfect for the City + Camping

I have to admit that I rarely write about food or food related products on Christian Dare Edited. It’s not because I don’t enjoy food or cooking. I do. But with a busy schedule it sometimes gets hard to find time to cook at home. Events and travel often gets in the way. But when I do have time to be home and cook, there is always one thing I opt for in the summer- grilled anything! That’s right, when the summer heat is blasting, all I want to do is cook on a grill. Anything from vegetables to a great steak or burgers. There something about summer time cooking on a grill that cannot be beat.

As such I am always on the lookout for a great new grill, especially one that travels well. Enter the WG Everyday Carry Grill. The newly formed Canada-based outdoor company Wolf and Grizzly has announced a Kickstarter campaign to bring their first original product to market – the WG Grill: a collapsible, compact stainless steel grill you can set up in seconds. Wolf and Grizzly creates tools that are strong enough for the woods, sophisticated enough for the city.  This guiding principle lies at the heart of everything designed by the company.

“It began with a frustration of mine. Everything I owned could be grouped into one of two categories: things that looked great, but were weak— belonging in ‘the city’— and products that were functional and durable but clunky, belonging to the ‘outdoors.’’” – George Rizkalla, Owner and Founder

The WG Grill was meticulously designed to ensure it’s built to endure the test of time not only functionally, but also esthetically. Materials, finishing and packaging were carefully selected to create a unique and durable product. Its design and form factor make it ideal for use on camping and canoe trips, in parks and backyards, or stowing away for car camping adventures.

WG Grill details:

  • Made with 100% stainless steel for endurance and heat resistance
  • Compact and collapsible, weighing approximately 1kg and smaller in diameter than a water bottle
  • Simple assembly, consisting of only two parts
  • Height adjustability: The WG Grill features three different configurations: 8”, 6” and a stay-flat mode for infinite height possibilities
  • Timeless design made from enduring materials

Be sure to get your hands onto the perfect WG Everyday Carry Grill before the kickstarter ends on Aug 11th and the grill delivers in Sept. Perfect to show off to your friends at your next camping get away or city grilling event.


About Wolf and Griizzly:

Wolf and Grizzly was founded by George Rizkalla, a former BlackBerry engineer. Before founding WG, he was a product manager at BlackBerry, focused on the keyboard and the Android on BlackBerry experience.

“I reached a point where two options were possible: I could continue to build out the dreams of others at a different high-tech firm, or follow my instincts and build products I really care about.” – George Rizkalla, Owner and Founder



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