Advanced Style aka Old People Fuckin’ Rock

I still remember my first time interviewing at a fashion company I had always wanted to work with since I was a child, one of the questions from the HR department was where did I get my style inspiration. Without a single pause, I said “Homeless people and the elderly”. You can just imagine her reply. Had I said something wrong?

When the same question was posed to me by their Creative Director, I held my guns and said “homeless people and the elderly”. He chuckled and replied “No one knows how to play with pattern with nonchalance than homeless people”. And our bond was forged.

While there is no book I turn to for homeless inspiration, I do often flip through some great books that chronicle the style of the elderly generation. I had to admit that I gleaned a lot from their style choices and learned to not give a fuck about what people think about what I wear (which I already kind of did) but more importantly to stay true to my personal style. And have fun. My top choices:


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Trust me, you all good learn a thing or two from these men and women of older generations.

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Christian has been a cultural and style junkie since the age of 6; while most kids were swiping cookies, he was swiping his grandfathers' Patek Philippe. Raised to appreciate art, fashion,design and  literature (yeah, this one actually reads) by a single mother fondly called Jackie-O. Christian quickly went from childhood cultural capital thief to academia protégé. Referred to as the cat's meow by some, too clever by half by others, Christian eschewed the academic life and ran away to join the circus -the fashion circus. Several well-appointed positions later and a career on the rise would be most people's dream but it was time to say fuck off and start all over again.

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