APC’s Jean

Jean Touitou founded one of my favourite brands – the cool minimalist french brand that is A.P.C. Since founding the brand in 1987, he has cultivated a devout following of customers through his minimalist aesthetic and his well-defined and polarizing worldview. He is the brand;  he is modern minimalism. In a recent interview, he gave some of the best answers to the question: “The worst fashion trends today are…” his replies are brilliant and food for thought for many a ‘fashionista’

  • “I can’t see one more rolled up pant.”
  • “Gays using the worst of the very boring straight looks. Like Pierre Bergé dressed up. His various shades of greens in the fall, I can’t handle it.”
  • “Straight men looking like gays 6 years ago. I mean, such a turn off.”
  • “I can’t stand anymore status bags, even a wonderful Celine bag. Social signifiers are just impossible. Too sad for Celine’s bag designer. They are the new Hermes for real. You won’t see any elegant woman with a status bag anymore. Big big fashion NO NO.”
  • “I don’t mind a sincere bad taste. As long as people are decent humans. I totally respect them. In that sense, never anymore would I “judge a book by its cover”. But a poser is poser; the looks I just describe are just poses.”


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  1. LOVE his point of view… except Celine is NOT the new Hermes… I dare all the Jay’s and Salem’s of this world to walk into Hermes and convince them to let them a Birkin… I’m watching.

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