Must Have: Short Pants for Spring

I have to admit that I made short pants/ ankle pants part of my signature style back in the early 2000s. No it wasn’t a trend back then… well not really. But it just felt right to me – and that is the one thing I stress to every client I work with. If a style feels right for you – wear it. Over and over and over again. Trends may come and go, but a good signature style lasts forever.

Now to achieve this look, back in the early 2000s, I resorted to lots of cuffing or custom tailoring. Or buying jeans in a 30″ inseam when I ‘should’ have been buying them in a 32″ inseam. There just wasn’t very menswear options back in the day. But thankfully the trends have caught up and you can get ankle length pants all over the place. It is the perfect pant for spring and summer – just pair them with some classic white Stan Smiths or Chucks and you are good to go.

My new favourite pairs come from Uniqlo. The EZY Ankle Pants are available in multiple colours and prints (black, navy, melange grey, windowpane, herringbone, etc). And come with a good deal of stretch – makes em great when you are on the run. or biking to work. The pants comes in sizes XS-XL. And to be honest, I sized down to the medium (meant for a 30w) to get a slimmer fit leg; luckily the waist is elastic. (And no they haven’t paid me to endorse this trouser).

These EZY is the perfect trousers for everyday casual or even more formal occasions (the single pleat down the front of the leg makes them look more formal). And I promise, no one will know you are rocking the most comfortable pants ever – with an elastic waist and a little extra stretch.

Get em before they are gone for the season. I bought multiples in each colour just to make sure I am well stocked – even if they discontinue them.

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