Mobilia’s Modern India

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a good design collaboration. And I am happy to say they are happening more and more in the interior design/ furniture design world these days. Case and point, the new co-created collection from Mobilia and Aly Velji aptly named Modern India. The capsule collection reflects the Indian roots of interior designer Aly Velji and the chic modernism that is Mobilia.

“When Mobilia approached me to collaborate on a furniture collection, I was inspired to go back to my roots. I wanted to create a collection that gave a nod to my family’s rich Indian heritage but put a contemporary twist on it,” Aly Velji

What I love most about this collection is its reliance on Indian marble and brass. It is chic, yet warm and modern. Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

I was immediately drawn to the rich golden brown marble of this table. The Sazil Side Table features clean lines and Bidasar marble surface that reminds me of the natural beauty of (petrified) wood. It is the perfect combination of modern and classic. And what about those chic antique brass finished iron legs?  The Sazil (which means “Ray of light” in Sanskrit) accent table from the Modern India collection is a must have. And besides, how could I not buy a table named Ray of Light? And I feel like I just got home…. Only $249.Now if I could only buy one piece from the collection, it would be this. It is the perfect combo of industrial and refined. The Sadha (which means “Eternal” in Sanskrit) coffee table features a genuine Indian marble surface and aged brass metal structure. This would work in almost any home. Its round shape is reminiscent of traditional arches typical of Indian architecture, while its grill structure give it a modern elegance. I want! And it’s a steal of a coffee table at only $699 I love an oversized pendant light. It immediately creates an air of drama in any space. What I love most about this piece is its beautiful shade woven out of burlap in India. It adds great texture (and warmth) to a modern idea. It would be a great fit in my home in Nola – on the back lanai. The oversized scale is perfect – 24″ round and 25″ high. The Soma Pendant is only $999.


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