TFW: The Canadian Tuxedo Never Goes Out of Style

The trend to dress from head to toe in denim doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. In fact, I would argue that the Canadian Tuxedo goes beyond trends and is a classic. So why not look to a denim company for the latest updates to the classic denim uniform?

Triarchy denim has been around for a few years but they recently took a step back and looked at their entire process for making and selling denim. Realizing that denim production is one of the most polluting industries within the  fashion industry (also the most polluting industry after crude oil), they investigated ways to do it better. They took production south of the border to a factory that is at the forefront of reducing and recycling water during the denim production. The result are the highest quality denim made in the most environmentally friendly way – how Canadian of them.

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