Todd Snyder x TIMEX

It may seem hard to keep up with the number of collaborations that are going in fashion these days. A day does not pass that we do not hear about another great collab in menswear. Most are forgettable to be totally honest. And those that aren’t rise to the top because they are well designed pieces and not just a publicity stunt. Now the idea of Todd Snyder and Timex collaborated is not new. They have already done a few rounds of Todd updating some iconic Timex pieces with his signature style. And this collection is no different.
In the past, we’ve been heavily inspired by archival styles, but this time we felt it was time to create something more contemporary and original. This design reflects my love of naval influences with a fresh, graphic sensibility that makes it a perfect complement to our modern menswear collection.” – Todd Snyder
This time around we are treated with a brand new MS1 Maritime Sport, a modern hybrid with a nautical sensibility that evokes naval academies and life on the eastern seaboard. Developed across the Atlantic, in Milan, by Snyder and Timex Design Director Giorgio Galli, it pays homage to iconic diver styling with a fresh look that’s equally at home in Nantucket or New York. Available in an black or grey colourway. Retails for$158 USD.
Inspired by 1970s military-spec watches and reinvented for everyday civilian wear, the latest collaboration between Todd Snyder and Timex reflects a shared commitment to design, utility and craftsmanship. This fresh style features vintage dial artwork based on exceptionally rare pieces in the Timex archive, updated with contemporary case and strap detailing for a clean, modern silhouette. Available in olive or black/camo or grey/camo strap options. Retails for $138 USD

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