Punches Are Back: Enjoy the Laverstoke Punch

The past couple of years have seen punches become more popular. Even some high end bars have been adding them to their repertoire. Which is great but can be difficult when not everyone in your party wants the same drink. But fear not, the punch started out as a great crowd pleasure for parties. They are the perfect way to create a self-serve option at your next party. I came across the Laverstoke Punch via a Star of Bombay launch event. And I fell in love – it is a pretty and delicious. Yet potent and not too sweet.

Star of Bombay is the new premium expression of Bombay Sapphire. It is made with a combination of twelve botanicals including dried bergamot, orange peel and ambrette seed. The resulting aromas of citrus, dried lavender, nutmeg, pine and more lead to a palate that is incredibly silky and complex with a bold floral character and a long finish. It works great in this punch.

Laverstoke Punch

Laverstoke Punch Recipe:

  • 0.5 parts Star of Bombay
  • 0.75 parts Lemon Juice
  • 0.5 parts Martini Bianco
  • 0.25 bar spoon Vanilla Syrup
  • 0.75 parts Coconut Water
  • 2 parts Dilution
  • Large Format Ice Blocks


  1. Stir ingredients into large punch bowl with large format ice blocks ( Avoid small ice cubes to guarantee proper proportions).
  2. Serve into punch glasses with ice and garnish with edible flower.
  3. Enjoy.
  4. Repeat.


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