Once You Do An All Black Interior, You May Never Go Back

There is an old theory around how to decorate that suggests your home should reflect your wardrobe. The idea is that you should open your wardrobe and look at what colours you wear the most. Those are the colours you should choose to surround yourself in at home. Quite frankly I think this theory is a bit flawed but not without it merits. I will say that I know many people with all black wardrobes that do not live in all black boxes but maybe they should? Are you ready for an all black interior?

I will admit that I am someone who owns a lot of black clothing and I don’t currently live in an all black home. My home in Toronto is minimalist and mostly whites and grays but that is because I live in an open concept with lots of windows. And black walls feel weird to me in a space flooded in light…My home in New Orleans is every colour of green, yellow and pink with lots of prints. And I love it. So perhaps I should embrace more colour in my wardrobe? But, I will say I once lived in an all black interior and I loved it. It was a few years back and was suitable for that space and my lifestyle at the time. See at the time I was working a lot,  and traveling a lot. As such, I was normally only at home at night and I wanted a dark cozy box to live in – one that felt like a swank dark hotel room. I painted all the walls in the deepest almost black shade from Benjamin Moore. And filled it with minimal furnishing. The trick was to keep it minimalist and to add in textures through fabrics so it didn’t fall flat. Back then I had to shop around to source lots of black interior design pieces as no store seemed to have multiple black pieces. Luckily for you, Mobilia has done the leg work and grouped together all their black pieces. And it is perfection.

Black Edition from Mobilia

The collection consists of some of Mobilia’s takes on Modernist classics – simple, sleek and minimalist. Perfect in all black. What I love the most about this is that they have even blacked out the traditional chrome metal you would find on most of these pieces. Black on black. And the addition of a few dark wood pieces are great. This was also one of my tricks in an all black space – a dark mahogany dresser served as my side table/bar. This makes the space feel warmer and less monotone.

Black Egg Chair from Mobilia


And although I no longer live in an all black space. I am considering a black nook – painting out my fireplace mantle in black and adding in two of those gorgeous black leather egg chairs. Stay tuned.


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