How to Serve Champagne: Tips & Tricks

it is that time of year when most celebrations call for Champagne. My go-to Champagne has always been Veuve Clicquot – maybe its the pretty orange but mostly it’s because I prefer its flavour over the other ‘guys’. But no matter which Champagne you choose, there are many ways to maximize the experience. Do you know the proper way to chill a bottle? What is the best glass to use? How to serve? Thanks to my friends over at Veuve Clicquot I have recently learned all the answers to these questions and many more.


1. How long can you keep a bottle of Champagne?

It all depends on the bottle. Most bottles have already been aged perfectly to ensure you can serve it right away. As for Veuve, 2 to 5 years more for Brut Non-Vintage. And up to 25 years or more for Vintages.

2. How to chill it?

3. How many glasses per bottle?

This is the most important question that everyone seems confused about.

  • 6 per regular bottle
  • 12 in a magnum
  • 24 in a jeroboam
  • 120 in a nebuchadnezzar

. How best to open a bottle?



5. Which glasses should you use?

There are many competing versions of the best glass to use. The champagne coupe was first invented in 1663 and although super stylist, it lets the bubbles deflate fastest. The champagne flute emerged in the 1700s as a way to retain more carbonation. These days a lot of Champagne experts will recommend a tulip glass as the best way to preserve the carbonation.

6. How to pour properly?

7. How long can you keep a bottle after opening?

I have heard many versions of the best way to keep champagne carbonated once open – my best advice – drink it up. But if you still have some left, you can keep it ‘fresh’ for 2-3 days with a proper wine stopper that seals out the air. Re-corking it with a stand wine cork can keep it fresh for a day or two. And the spoon trick does absolutely nothing to help preserve the bubbles and flavour.

All videos and tips provided by Veuve Clicquot.

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