Sleep Better: ENDY vs Sealy vs Beautyrest vs Serta

I must confess that I hate the idea of going to bed – I am a night owl. Yet I love sleeping. LOVE! To me, there is nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning lounging in bed with the morning paper and a coffee. Or staying in bed on a rainy day bingeing the latest from Netflix. Or… Basically what I am saying is that, like many of you, I use my bed for much more than just sleeping. Therefore, a great mattress is a must. After all, you spend almost 1/3 of your day in bed. Everyday. Over the years, I have tried them all. I have slept on everything from traditional mattresses to a futon. And now an Endy. So how do they all stack up? How do they all compare? An ENDY vs Sealy vs Beautyrest vs Serta ?


Let’s tackle this first as I know it make some people hesitate.

ENDY is part of a slew of newer mattresses that have revolutionized the way you shop for mattresses. Except that unlike all the others, it is Canadian made.

Now I know many of us have been raised to believe that you have to go to a store to buy a mattress. That it is the only way. You must awkwardly lay on a variety of mattresses until you find the right one. It’s all very “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. And very outdated. This is no longer the case. But don’t be worried. You can order a great mattress online (and pillows and sheets) to create your most perfect bed. Moreover, it gets delivered right to your door. And if you don’t like it, you can send it back for a full refund. That’s right, you can sleep on it for 100 days to decide if it’s the mattress for you. That’s a much better promise that taking a chance on a bed you ‘slept’ on for 2 minutes in a store.

Once you choose your preferred size online (everything from a twin to a California king is available) it is shipped directly to your door. It will arrive in a box that looks far to small to contain your mattress. But don’t worry, all will be revealed when you open it up. You see the Endy is compressed and rolled up. It is sealed in a large plastic bag. Once you pull it out of the box and open up the plastic, you mattress will slowly expand. It is like magic before your eyes. Within minutes it will be full size again.

So now that I have convinced you that there is nothing to be scared about when buying a mattress online, how does ENDY stack up? How does it rate compared to traditional mattresses? ENDY vs Sealy vs Beautyrest vs Serta, which is best for you?


Now traditional mattresses are almost always made in a similar way – a series of springs, either opening coiled or individually pocketed, are wrapped inside a fabric outer shell. We are told this is superior construction and that spring mattress offer better long term support. But did you know that spring mattresses usually begin to sag after 1-2 years. In fact, they lose 16% of their support in the 1st year alone. This will often cause pressure points to emerge and for you to have an un-restful night sleep. Moreover, spring mattresses do not distribute your body weight evenly due to the fact that each spring pushes back with the same force, pressure points are inevitable. After all a while you will wake up with ‘pained’ spot – which are often blamed on sleeping funny. But it is in fact the mattresses showing its age prematurely.



The Endy mattress is an all foam construction made of three layers totaling 10 inches in height. On first look the Endy appears to use a mix of a soft comfort layer with a firmer transition to provide a medium balance of support and pressure relief.

Cover – The cover of the Endy mattress is a thin polyester stretch blend. I found it to be pretty breathable to help with airflow through the mattress. It is a soft micro-quilted material, which gives it a cozy feeling. And quite frankly, it is more aesthetically pleasing than the average mattress cover.

Comfort – The comfort layer of the mattress consists of 2 inches of a proprietary poly foam they call Endy Foam. It is comparable to a gel memory foam with a 4 lb density and, like memory foam, is a soft material that allows the sleeper to sink in for pressure relief. This layer also provides some contouring to the body. Moreover, it uses a gel infusion to help with cooling and temperature regulation.

Transition – Below the comfort layer is 3 inches of poly foam with a 1.8 lb density that acts as a transition from the soft comfort layer above to the firm base below. The layer has some bounce to it to keep the sleeper from feeling stuck in the mattress. This layer is a bit firmer than the memory foam above it to begin providing support to the sleeper.

Base – The foundation of the mattress is made of 5 inches of high density (1.8 lb) poly foam. It is a firm layer that provides support to the layers above it as well as deep compression support for the sleeper. The base also gives the mattress its shape and lends some durability to the structure.


After sleeping on many mattress over the years, I can easily say that my Endy is my new favourite. It is soft yet firm if that makes sense. I would personally rate the Endy as a 6/10 on the firmness scale. I found that I sunk in the mattress a little bit regardless of the position I was in. But it was a comfortable ‘sinking’ – like a little nest. It felt like the upper level formed around my body while the middle layer provided great support. Although it does feel cushy, I didn’t feel stuck in the mattress at any time. I didn’t experience any sorts of heat issues that some people find with foam based mattress – it didn’t feel like it was too hot to sleep on. Overall It was a much more restful sleep than traditional mattresses.


An Endy queen size mattress retails for $850 CDN (and includes free shipping coast to coast) which is quite the deal compared to other high end mattress brands.


After sleeping on my Endy for 60 days, I have to admit that switchin to ENDY was the best thing I have done. The mattress is firm yet soft, with great comfort and support for all parts of my body. Now I sleep on my side, on my back and on my stomach depending on the days – and my mood. And I found the mattress equally comfortable now matter the body position. I didn’t notice any temperature issues that some experience with other memory foam mattresses. I never found it too warm. In fact, I woke up each morning feeling more refreshed that I had been in years. I would highly recommend the ENDY for anyone looking for a new mattress or for a better night’s sleep.

My favourite discovery during my Endy experience is that unlike a standard mattress that has air pockets within for dust mites to inhabit, was that I breathed better.




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