Upgrade Your Loungewear: The Sweatshirt Robe

Let’s be honest, men are terrible when it comes to good lounge-wear. Bad plaid or team logo oversized fleece pants and bad tees seem to be the standard issue for all men of all ages. For years, I blamed the brands for offering terrible options for men. And many still do. But there seems to be a new movement within fashion circles to make better lounge-wear for men – offering better pyjamas, underwear, and robes. Enter my new favourite robe from Merchant Sons – the Sweatshirt Robe.

The sweatshirt robe from Merchant Sons is exactly what you would expect. A soft cozy robe that feels like your favourite sweatshirt. Made in Canada (100% from start to finish) with the brand’s signature sweatshirt fleece and lined with a featherweight jersey for maximum warmth and coziness. I could lounge in this all day. And I do. What I love most about this version of a sweatshirt robe is the attention to detail – the over-sized hood, ribbed cuffs and attached belt make this one stand out. Available in heather gray and charcoal.

Retails for $179 CDN. Worth every fuckin penny!

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