Star of Bombay Galaxy Espresso Negroni

Star of Bombay is a higher-strength, super-premium variant of Bombay Sapphire. The classic notes of juniper, angelica and coriander have been intensified, with the addition of bergamot and ambrette seeds offering extra exoticness. A rich and intense gin. I love the more intense flavour. It is great in a classic Gin and Tonic or Gin and Soda. But it also makes for richer cocktails. One of my new favourites is the Star of Bombay Galaxy Espresso Negroni. I love a good Negroni and this is a great riff on it. The coffee flavour adds more complexity to the flavour and a little hit of caffeine (lol).

Star of Bombay Galaxy Espresso Negroni

Star of Bombay Galaxy Espresso Negroni Recipe:

  • 1 part Star of Bombay
  • 1 part Martini Rosso
  • 1 part Campari
  • 0.5 parts Coffee ( I used my Nespresso)
  • Orange Wheel
  • Coffee Bean


  1. Stir ingredients into an ice-filled mixing glass.
  2. Fine-strain the liquid into a chilled coupe glass.
  3. Garnish with the orange wheel and coffee bean.
  4. Enjoy.
  5. Repeat.
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