May The Force Be With You: Philips Star Wars Shaver

Now I am going to admit something that I am sure is sacrilege. I am not a big Star Wars fan – sure I like it but not enough to have seen anymore than the original series of films. Maybe I am just down with Star Wards OG? Either way, fan or not, you should keep reading.

Philips has launched a new line of series in collaboration with Star Wars with a line of shavers. Now this isn’t some gimmicky collab where they just put the name on the outside of the box. The new line of Philips Star Wars shavers were actually re-designed. And they are pretty sweet. Even as a non fan I want them.The collection has four models ranging – SW175 (the Storm Trooper), SW3700 (the R2-D2), SW6700, and the SW9700. Ranging in prices from $79-$269. Now the SW6700 and SW9700 are the superior shavers that can groom and trim and much much more, but I love the Storm Trooper and R2-D2 I love that they are both minimalist and white in colour – hard to find these days but blends in well in my all white bathroom. Plus who could resist their little faces. And they work well for most of your daily needs.

Storm Trooper Wet/Dry Shaver, $79.96 via Walmart

I love this wet/dry shaver – perfect for in the shower when you need to shave and shampoo and go…


  • Rounded edges move smoothly over skin for a protective shave
  • Get a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave with Aquatec
  • Heads flex in 4 directions to easily shave every curve
  • 40 minutes of cordless shaving
  • Shaver can be rinsed clean under the tap
  • 2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage and replaceable blades
  • Click-on beard styler with 5 length settings
  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Charging: 1 hour full charge

Star Wars R2-D2 Shaver, $79.96 via Walmart

This is a great dry shaver comparable with other shavers in the Philips line.  It not only looks good but shaves well.


  • Rounded edges move smoothly over skin for a protective shave
  • 27 rotating blades capture and cut hair from all angles
  • Adjusts to every curve of your face and neck
  • Heads flex in 4 directions to easily shave every curve
  • 2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage and replaceable blades
  • 40 minutes of cordless shaving after an eight-hour charge
  • Pop-up trimmer – perfect for trimming your sideburns and mustache
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion

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