Step Up Your Travel Game With Rimowa

As someone who travels a lot (for work and for pleasure), I cannot stress the importance of good luggage. It may seem silly to pay a premium for good luggage but trust me, you will thank me for it in the end. Everyone’s least favourite part of travel is packing. And nothing is worse than pulling out your suitcase to realize the zipper is broken. Or the wheel has gone wonky – navigating through that layover airport is not going to be pleasant. Travel takes a toll on your luggage, so why not decide to invest. The cost upfront will more than pay for itself when you are still using that same suitcase 20 years from now. Enter RIMOWA.

Now RIMOWA has been making quality luggage since the 1800s. But it wasn’t until 1950 when they introduced their first aluminium suitcase with grooves. The parallel-grooved aluminium structure marks the difference. And gives the brand its signature look. Since then, the brand has introduced very high quality polycarbonate suitcases (lightweight and very durable) but I am a fan of the original metal cases. They are like the Airstream of air travel. The luggage for the international jet set.

Classic Flight

An elegant and timeless retro collection made from aluminium. The meticulously handcrafted CLASSIC FLIGHT cases are a special highlight for nostalgic globetrotters in particular.


Originally developed for tropical travel, these cases with their robust shell of aluminium magnesium are today still among the lightest and most stable luggage ranges in their class. The Topas comes in a black stealth version and champagne titanium model as well as the original silver coloured Topas.


My personal favourite collection – it contains a champagne travelling case, a cigar humidor and a wine carryall (with room for 6 bottles, wine glasses, a wine opener and additional accessories.

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