Size Matters: XL Chunky Knit Blanket

The oversized XL chunky knit blanket trend has been around for a few seasons now but I have resisted jumping on this wagon. Well, maybe not resisted but have lagged behind. I I always wanted make one myself. I am pretty apt at knitting and figured it would be a great DIY project in my spare time. Well that was a few years ago now and I haven’t managed to find enough spare time to get back to pearl one knit one life. So I finally decided it is finally time to go the other route – retail. Buy one. As a DIY expert this should be sacrilege in my books but I am not that kind of DIYer. I have always thought that if I can buy exactly what I want and don’t have the time to make it myself, why not? Enter the XL Chunky Knit Blanket from Gibou.XL Chunky Knit Blanket in Cream

Why Gibou? I like that it is a Montreal-based small business that still manufactures in Montreal. Plus, I love that there workforce is a handful of retired women who love to knit. So everything is handknit. The company was first started in 2014 by Sarah Beaudoin and focused on knit hat with recycled fur pompoms but has since grown to include scarves and these amazing oversized blankets (introduced in 2017). That I might just wear as a scarf as well.

Xl Chunky Knit Blanket in Grey

The XL blanket comes in 2 sizes (3kg and 1kg) and in two colourways (cream and dark grey). The XL chunky knit blankets are knitted with Merino Wool. This wool is known for its isolating properties are its softnessCosts for the blankets are $122 for smaller size and $290 for the giant one. You know I am going with bigger and better.

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