A Bar Cabinet: When A Cart Isn’t Enough

Bar Carts have become all the rage within interiors. Call it a re-naissance of home entertaining and classic cocktails. Call it a hipster thing. Call it whatever you like, the home bar is back and here to stay. For most people a bar cart is more than enough – limited space and limited cocktail interests. But sometimes a cart just isn’t enough. Enter the bar cabinet. There is now a slew of bar cabinets on the market to meet your ever-expanding home bar needs. These new bar cabinets are sleek and modern – well designed cabinets designed to hide your home bar with some clever storage. Here are a few of my favourites.

West Elm Bone Inlaid Cabinet

Bone Inlaid Bar Cabinet, $979. This first one is a deal – currently on sale at West Elm. This bar cabinet makes a geometric statement with a Bone Inlaid design on the front. This handcrafted gem offers plenty of storage space with a drawer, an adjustable shelf and room to hold up to six wine bottles.

Charlene White Wine Cabinet, $1299. This cabinet from CB2 is sleek and modern. Perfect in any urban home. I love the brass-plated metal legs and hardware; it adds warmth to a cool cabinet finished in hi-gloss white. And behind those closed doors,  you will discover lots of shelves, notches for wine glasses, and a slide-out tray for cutting limes and lemons. There is a drawer for stashing napkins, stirrers, and other accouterments out of sight.

Pottery Barn Bar Cabinet

Ludlow Trunk Bar Cabinet, $1599.  This trunk from Pottery Barn might be the priciest of the bunch but I couldn’t resist its industrial charm. This lower cabinet is made from hardware and forged metal to recreate the feeling of an old railway trunk. This piece would work great in a traditional home or a modern industrial loft. Lots of space for bottles and stemware.

CB2 Serpent Bar

Serpent Bar, $999. There is something incredible sexy yet modern about this bar from CB2. Beneath its serpentine surface, acacia wood case supplies sneaky storage for cocktail hour. Inspired by a vintage bracelet from the 1970s, designer Brett Beldock created a luxe piece of functional room jewelry. Two golden doors adorned with an abstract snakeskin pattern open to reveal two shelves, 12 wine bottle slots and three wine glass bars

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