Marc Jacobs Bang: Is it a Classic?

Over the years I have collected a few signature scents. Some I swap out seasonally; some I swap annually but there are a few key scents that I always have on my shelf. I think every man needs to have a collection of scents – 3 or 4 (you don’t need 10 like I do) that you always have at your disposal. You want to have choices based on how you feel that day or night. And I think you should be democratic about your choices – a key fragrance should make it on your shelf not because it is the latest from an artisanal (read trendy) fragrance house. Nor should you turn your nose up at scents that are available at mass retailers – there is no need to be a scent snob. A scent is a good scent because it works on you. Trust me, I have had a few scents I have worn over the years where people stop and ask me – what is it? And my reply often get the rejoinder, “oh, I usually dislike that scent but love it on you.” Over the course of ‘On My Shelf’ – I will reveal some of my key scents and what I like about them. Now I know this is taboo for a lot of people – they don’t want others wearing their scent. But I say fuck it, it is only going to smell different on them anyway. And besides, don’t we all want a better smelling world?

Marc Jacobs Bang

Up first, Marc Jacobs BANG.


Now Marc Jacobs BANG entered my life almost at its inception. It was back in 2010 and I received a bottle from a beauty rep to test out while I was working as a visual manager at Holts. Now, I must admit that we often got many scents to try at that gig but only one made it into my heavy rotation and that is BANG. What do I love about the scent? It’s spicy yet modern. It is very peppery. Its top notes are black, pink and white peppercorns – so very pepper heavy and a bold opening. But this followed by warm and woody middle notes. Finally the base notes feature vetiver, white moss and patchouli. It reminds me other more niche (and expensive scents) that occupy the woody and pepper territory. I find it soft like a whisper and that it behaves more like a skin scent. The only downfall is the kitschy bottle. Super affordable at under $100 for 100ml.

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