Updated Classic: The Perfect White Shirt with a Kiss

Now I know what you are thinking, the perfect white shirt should be all white. Clean. Simple. Classic. Right?

I guess so. But who said it has to be. Why not step up your game a little by swapping out your classic (and dare I say drab) white dress shirt with the kiss print shirt from Christopher Bates? After all, this series about upgraded basics is about stepping it up and getting better basics. Amazing upgraded basics you can wear day and night and always look fashion forward. Over the past few years, Bates has established himself as one of the go-to menswear designers in Canada and the kiss print has become his calling card. You can even find this classic kiss print on shoes he makes for Harry Rosen. But why not own the shirt that started it all? What I loved about this shirt is that it is not only cheeky with its little kiss on the collar but it is well tailored and well made. The shirt is slightly fitted but not too skinny and comes with a bit of stretch – which makes wearing it more comfortable (and less wrinkly). Added bonus, due to the popularity of women stealing this menswear shirt, Bates has made it perfectly fitted for the ladies as well.

Made in Canada, $199

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