Don’t You Know Milo? Baughman Is A Designer’s Dream

Outside of design circles, Milo Baughman may not be a household name like Mies or Eames. But I am sure you have all coveted his designs (or knock offs of his designs) without even realizing it. In fact, I think the most photographed piece at the recent RH Gallery opening in Toronto was a classic Milo chaise done up to the nines in Tibetan wool. It was pure design heaven.

Milo Ray Baughman, Jr. (October 7, 1923 – July 23, 2003) born in Goodland, Kansas, was a modern furniture designer. His American designs were forward-thinking and distinctive, yet unpretentious and ‘affordable’. His furniture seems shocking and different at the time as it was unlike what we were used to seeing. This was modern design. And you could easily argue that he helped usher in a new clean and modern approach to furniture design in the US along with his contemporaries like Mies van der Rohe and Eames. And luckily for us, you can still easily find his pieces (and proper reproductions of his work) if you do a little digging. Or pop into a Restoration Hardware. Here are my favourites.

Milo Baughman Model #149, 1953 Tibetan Wool Chaise

Created by Milo Baughman in 1953, this angular armless chaise embodies the clean-lined comfort of his iconic designs. Dramatically raked tubular steel legs support a squared-off seat. Thayer Coggin, master furniture makers based in North Carolina, continues to craft each one by hand. Available in many finishes and fabrics – but this Tibetan Wool feels like the only answer.


Milo Baughman Model #1233, 1972 Leather Chair

Conceived by Milo in 1972, this classic sling chair is composed of a solid steel frame that supports hand-upholstered, ultra-comfortable cushions. Supple leather slings support the arms.This piece is a classic – and would fit in almost any home or decor.


Milo Baughman Model #3426, 1968 Hair-on-Hide Chair

Crafted in 1968, this visually arresting chair features an upholstered cube that seems to float inside an angular flat-bar frame. Thick, loose cushions offer ultra-comfortable seating. Made by hand today as it was more than four decades ago by Thayer Coggin, master furniture crafters in North Carolina.



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