Basics That Aren’t Basic: Classic Briefs

I think any style conscious man has a go-to brand and style for their wardrobe staples – classic white tee, classic white briefs or trunks, classic white oxford, etc…Of course in my world there is also the classic black tee, classic black briefs or trunks and classic black dress shirt (black Oxford shirts usually aren’t black enough). Now in an ever changing market some of those basics need to be swapped out or upgraded due to quality issues or brand changes. I am sure you all know what I mean – one of my favourite brands for black dress shirts no longer even offers a black dress shirt when that is all they used to make… And in a world where branding has gone haywire, minimalist basics often get tagged with giant brand logos…ugh  But don’t worry my friends, I have created this Basics Series to help share what I have found over the years – what has been tried, tested and true. So here goes.


Up first, classic tighty whiteys.


Now I will admit that I am not always a briefs man but I think every man needs to own all types of underwear to address all their dressing needs. Those skinny jeans can look silly with that visible trunks/boxerbriefs line across your thigh. And yes everyone can see it. Plus as those trunks age, they start to bunch up as you walk and make for an uncomfortable wearing experience. You need briefs. All of us. So for all those men who tossed their briefs years ago for trunks or boxerbriefs, it’s probably time you bought a few pairs. Trust me, it will change the way you dress. Enter my new go-to briefs from 2xist.  And no, this isn’t a paid post…

Speed Dry Contour Pouch Brief

This speed dry brief is a great update to the classic white briefs of yesteryear. Made from a moisture-wicking performance fabric, this brief is perfect for those hot summer days and those days at the gym (thanks to its supportive design). This model comes without an interior tag and minimalist brand on the waistband. This one is also great under fitted trousers and skinny jeans. Get yours here. 


Pima Cotton Bikini Brief

Now what I like about this brief besides the super soft Pima cotton is that it still maintains that wider elastic band that is often absent from other bikini briefs. I also love that it has minimalist branding. The contour pouch offers extra support and is comfortable. This model comes in white, black and navy – all good classic colours. This is my go-to black briefs (and navy to be totally honest). This one is 100% cotton, so if you don’t like synthetics added, go with this one. More info here.


*Care – The most important part of maintaining great basics is taking good care of them – how you wash and dry them makes a huge difference in how long they last and wear for you. Now, with underwear it may not seem as important as with a dress shirt but it still matters. Make sure you wash them in a cold cycle – this is gentler on the fabric and still gets it all nice and clean.



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