For the Love of a Good Stool: Stephen Kenn

I have always been a big fan of Stephen Kenn and his approach to furniture. The Inheritance collection features great sofas in classic army greens (that you have probably seen in many a J.Crew location). But recently the brand launched the Bowline Collection featuring some great stools. Now, I know what you are thinking, who needs stools? You do. And multiples.

I am a firm believer in multiples of stools – stacked in corners, tucked under a console for extra seating, as smaller side tables, or even group them en-masse to create a large coffee table. And then split them apart as people need seating. See you need lots. Enter the Alder Stool, the Rope Stool and the Canvas Stool.

While visiting Japan, Stephen found inspiration in the materials and culture of sailing. He then created The Bowline Collection in 2016. The upholstered pieces in this collection are covered in a stone washed sailcloth and soft canvas, with support from elasticized shock cord. All three stools share the same core structure and shape but with different tops. Thus ensuring easy stack-ability (is that even a word) and mixing + matching. All priced at $275.




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