My Favourite New Jacket: YNOT x DARE

Fashion has always been about following trends – the good, the bad and the ugly. But style has always been about being yourself inside and out. It goes beyond the trends and becomes about individuality. As of late, the fashion world has started to finally embrace individuality through the art of customization. Gucci had a set of patches you could pick from to customize your Gucci items; Levis has done custom embroidery, etc…But none have offered what Canadian brand YNOT is now offering – a fully customizable jacket designed by you.  That’s right, you can make your very own YNOT collaborative jacket like I did. Now you can’t go and buy the YNOT DARE jacket off the shelves but you an re-create using their custom jacket builder.

YNOT has built a reputation over the years for making durable yet design forward backpacks and bags. Now they have turned their attention to the classic work jacket. Why not use their great fabrics to make a great classic jacket? But why stop there? Why not make the jacket completely customizable by the owner? Enter the Lakewood.

Now matter how you design your jacket, the Lakewood is a durable, weatherproof, built-for-life jacket, that’s 100% made-in-Canada. Constructed from a durable 10.10 ounce Waxed Canvas or 500D Cordura outer layer, and soft poly viscose inner layer. The Lakewood features the same built-for-life, heavy-duty construction and lifetime warranty as YNOT’s dependable bags and accessories. It is an all-season, weatherproof field jacket that blends classic style and old world toughness with modern features. And it’s a steal of a price for custom. (Especially if you buy now during their already successful Kickstarter and nab the bargain price of $239. But that special is going fast).

So here is what I built with the custom builder.

So if you want a YNOT DARE here are the details:

  • Black Army Duck Outerwear layer with auto snap hardware
  • U Flap Bottom Pockets in Black
  • Left Chest Black Multi-Cam Pocket
  • Hood in Black Multi-Cam
  • Buffalo Check Liner

Or make your own. After all this is about style and making it your very own. Just hurry up before the kickstarter ends and you have to pay full price. Which is also a bargain for this type of coat btw…

NB: Available in unisex sizing. (Women’s recommended sizing: select one size down from regular jacket size.)


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