Fashion eyewear brand Mykita has done a few collaborations with Maison Margiela but this just might be their best collection of sunglasses yet. Featuring over 20 different styles in multiple finishes, you will definitely find your new favourite pair, or perhaps even two pairs. I know I am in love with multiple pairs. But be warned, this kind of love can be costly. Ranging in price from $500 – $1000. Shop wisely.

The collaborative sunglasses collection can be divided into four subcategories: Raw, Essential, Transfer and Dual.

Transfer Sunglasses

The sunglasses feature finishes that are transfer patterns from the natural world – such as the irregular texture and mineral vein pattern of natural stone – are etched and meticulously lacquered by hand on to the stainless steel frame. Flat lenses add to the avant-garde aesthetic of this high-fashion eyewear.

Dual Sunglasses

Take two pairs of sunglasses and merge them into one and you have dual. Two pairs of acetate frames – born of one form, divided into pairs and deconstructed. Mutual transplantation leaves each couple comprising two complementary designs – but with four independent identities. Manifest as tone-in-tone or with contrasting colour schemes. These are fucking dope.

Raw Sunglasses

Margiela has always been a master of making the raw seem luxe. And this is what happens when you take raw and unpolished acetate frames and remove them at an early stage in the production process. This deliberate interruption creates an aesthetic all its own, one which reveals the traces of modern technology and creates a contrast between classic form and fragmented exterior. Sophisticated bevelled edges make a distinctive feature of the temples and frame front while making the raw structure wearable.

Essential Sunglasses

Stainless steel frames reduced to the raw material, no additive components. Aesthetic functionality. A thick, transparent powder coats and seals the frames giving the entire construction a convex, all-enveloping body. Inspired by historical shapes of the last century, the monochrome frames and matching lenses lend the models a pure, radical look.


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