Robert Mondavi’s Latest Cabernet Sauvignon

I must confess – I am an avid red wine drinker. I will always choose it over white wine,  or even sparkling, no matter the season. And although I often dabble in the land of the Malbec, my true love lies with Cabernet Sauvignon. There is just something about the robust deep flavours of a good Cabernet Sauvignon that gets me every time. Enter the latest from the Robert Mondavi Winery Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon from their Private Selections. That’s right, Robert Mondavi wines choose to age this Cab Sauv in bourbon barrels. As a result, there is a richness to this red that recalls the flavours of a great bourbon.


This wine takes the best of the Robert Mondavi approach to California wine making and combines it with the craftsmanship behind great Kentucky Bourbons. As a result, there is something truly unique about this combination that makes for one of the best tasting Cabernet Sauvignons to come out of California. This wine is a deep ruby red in color – it just looks sexy in a glass. Its first notes open with concentrated aromas of a blackberry cobbler, and other dark berries. In addition to the initial berry scents, there are notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and milk chocolate (yes, milk chocolate). Finally, you will notice notes of toasty oak, coffee, and a hint of smoke.

Now go ahead and take a sip. You won’t be disappointed. The flavors are complex with hints of ripe blackberry, blueberry pie, praline, sweet vanilla custard, brown sugar, caramel, mocha, coffee, and smoke. This is where the bourbon barrel aging, rather than traditional wine oak barrels, makes all the difference – it’s those barrels that add in the notes of praline, caramel, coffee and smoke. Soft, chewy tannins and toasted oak round the wine out with a long, lush finish.

This wine is the perfect accompaniment to hearty meats like bourbon-glazed grilled ribs or a great steak. This is the perfect way to impress your date with a home cooked meal and this limited edition wine. Not much of a cook? Impress them with a glass of the Bourbon Barrel-aged Cabernet Sauvignon with a simple  charcuterie board with some great cured meats and  some strong cheeses. This is the perfect holiday wine. Even your friends who stick to white wines will want a glass. Or two.

Pick up your bottle today before it’s gone. This is a limited edition wine from Robert Mondavi Wines.

Available now at the LCBO.



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