Jack Black Makes It Better

First off I need to start this review with a caveat – I hate two-in-one shampoo conditioners. I don’t even really understand the need for a two-in-one. You really can’t spend an extra minute in the shower to do it properly? Two steps really don’t take that long to ensure you have great manageable hair. Why trade off an extra minute out of the shower for some shitty two-in-one that leaves your hair just meh? Am I wrong? Apparently I am.

Up until this point I have to admit that I think I have only ever tried a few two-in-one shampoo conditioners. Mostly by accident and the results were very disappointing. But all that has changed with Jack Black’s Double Header. This two-in-one actually works just as well as the two separate steps. It works hard enough to get out all your hair grooming products without stripping it too clean (if you know what I mean). It left my hair easy to style and smelling great (the perfect combo of coconut, mint and sage). Just be warned, this isn’t one of those shampoos that produces huge amounts of suds (which you really don’t need guys). Highly recommend it.






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