RADO Will Always Be Rad

I still remember my first encounter with RADO watches. I was graduating from high school and my mom thought it was time for a grown up watch as a token to remember the day. She took me to Birks to peruse their selection. I am sure she expected me to gravitate to one of the ‘status’ brands; she had quickly learned that I was often apt to pick out the most expensive item in any store. And I would argue that rather I picked out the best designed items in the stores (and sometimes those all happened to be the most expensive but not always). But I digress.

While the salesman was showing me all their classic gold and silver watches my eye wandered over to a slick black watch made entirely out of ceramic. At that time I didn’t even know you could make a watch out of ceramic. This is when I discovered RADO.

One of the latest from RADO is the TrueLine – it is simple, sophisticated and sublime. I want it in all three colourways.

truethinline_3 truethinline_2 truethinline_1

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