Get your Pomp on with American Crew Pomade

If I am ever asked to nail down my defining physical characteristics, I do so begrudgingly and with much conflict. But it seems when I ask my friends they can quickly offer up two or three. All black clothing. Good Hair. And sometimes Big Hair. Yes, I have been known to rock a pompadour and I will admit, the only way to rock a pompadour is with good hair product. I turn to American Crew Pomade.


Why do I love their pomade? Honestly, it feels less waxy than a lot of other pomades – making it easier to wash out but it doesn’t seem to compromise the hold. I would consider this a medium hold pomade (although I would consider it more than enough for even the most complicated styles) with high shine.

My tricks – multiple tools. Classic Rat Tail comb for the sides and to make clean parts. Boar hair brush to get your sides down and tight. Dressing table comb with long teeth to be able to get some height.

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