The Most Comfortable Tee

Peruvian Pima Cotton Tshirt $65

I am always on the look out for an amazing basic cotton tee that isn’t so basic. Sure there are lots of t-shirts out there (probably too many) and  I have bought tees in practically every price range but it’s always hard to find one that ages well and doesn’t shrink or warp in the seams without spending a small fortune. Why is it so tough to make a good t shirt? I blame the $7.99 tee craze that seems to monopolize the market. Enter the Patrick Assaraf Peruvian Pima Cotton T-shirt – one of the most comfortable tees I have ever worn. And at 65 bucks, it’s a good deal.  This is my favorite tee to wear to bed (well, when I’m not sleeping naked). Apparently you can leave the house in them too.

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