Chicago: Where to Drink – West Loop/Fullerton

For part three of our drinking tour of Chicago, we head on over to the West Loop/ Fullerton Market area.




Lone Wolf

806 W. Randolph St.
Lone Wolf is the perfect place to grab a drink while waiting for a table at one of the nearby over-packed restos or a night cap post dinner. As such, the cocktails menu is mostly divided into aperitif and digestifs, which in this case means several amaro-heavy cocktails. They also have a fairly impressive menu of wines by the glass and beers on tap. The atmosphere is relaxed and luxe – an upscale pub feel with just a hint of nostalgia. The staff are friendly and will even do a shot of Malört with you ( as we were told no one should do a shot of  Malört alone for the first time). These kids know their purpose and they do it well. Just get here early if you want to be able to sit.

Hours: M-F 4-2 | SA 12-3 | SU 12-2



The Betty

839 W. Fulton Market St.
The Betty is one of the newest additions to the west loop/ Fullerton market area. It is a
gorgeous, spacious, comfortable space apparently inspired by film noire. I don’t see it and neither will you. It feels like a great riff on a Soho House without the membership dues and there is a friendly peacock behind the bar. The beverages program is overseen by Peter Vestinos and is heavy on gin based cocktails (tsk tsk, the wait staff claim Gin is just like an herbal vodka). We tried several that night, the Grande Dame and Last Man Standing were hits but the Maximillion was definitely a miss (shouldn’t a champagne cocktail be bubbly?). I would still recommend it as a great, relaxed place to grab a drink. Hang out in the library area on the over-sized tufted leather sofas.

Hours: Daily 4-1

The name may be deceiving, Maude’s Liquor Bar is actually better at food than it is for cocktails.  The do classic French food well ;this could be called Chicago’s attempt at Balthazar. The Luxe bar’s atmosphere is dark and moody – a perfect date spot as there isn’t much room for groups over two (head over to Betty’s if you have a bigger group). The cocktail program seems to stray to the sweeter side but the champagne, beer, and wine list is excellent. Go for the atmosphere.

Hours: F   -SA till 1 | M-T till 11:30

Hours: SU-W 5-12 | T-SA 5-2

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