No not the e-reader, Kobo the candle.

I discovered Kobo years ago at one of my favourite New York spots – Cafe Cluny. Upon entering their washroom, I was struck by the amazing smell of a candle. I immediately lifted it up to look for any clue of a brand, it was a Kobo. I must say, that as someone who is an officially sanctioned candle connoisseur, Kobo is one of those underrated brands on the ‘luxury’ candle market. Everyone raves about their love of Diptyque and don’t get me wrong, I love their candles. But at half the price, Kobo is a tempting offer of affordable luxury. Sacrilege? I know.

The latest venture from Kobo comes in the form of a collaboration with Swedish designer Lotta Jansdotter. Not only are the scents intoxicating, the clean white porcelain vessels can be washed out and reused as a modern minimalist tea mug. Below are my picks.  $40 each

Lotta+Alpine+Fern+LARGE Lotta+Mountain+Birch+LARGE Lotta+Starry+Night+LARGE Lotta+Summer+Linen+Large

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