Tame your brow bro

Normally, I stay away from grooming advice on this blog and keep it to the fun stuff – fashion, overpriced design and cocktails but I have noticed a trend lately – men still aren’t paying attention to some grooming basics. So starting today, we are going to start doling out advice about how best to take care of your skin, hair and face. I know a lot of guys who still resist starting regimes around ‘beauty’ but trust me, it pays off in the long run – you aren’t going to look twenty forever. Why should you listen to me? Well dude, I am almost 40 and still get carded for ID.

First up – tame those brows bro.


You probably have been noticing that as you age, your brows become a little more unkempt and scraggly. You want to nip this in butt before they get out of hand but you want to make sure to keep brows a little rough and masculine; taking some of the weight out of them can completely change your face for the better. They key is less is more – you want to keep it natural. I always recommend seeking professional help this first time you want to fix your brow and get recommendations from guy friends not girl friends – the last thing you want is an over plucked brow from someone who has never manscaped.

Tips from our Pro, JJ Cowan

  1. Maintain the integrity of the male brow and never over pluck or over shape, with a male brow less is always WAY more! Male eyebrows should never be over plucked.
  2. If your brow is naturally full then keep it full. This is about keeping them trim not thin. Big difference.
  3. You can wax the lower brow but stay away from waxing the upper brow line. Anyone who recommends waxing the upper has never worked on a man.
  4. Lightly tweeze and trim stray hairs (with scissors) on the upper brow line to clean up the area.
  5. It is important to go with the natural arch of the brow line and not a man made arch on men. Enhance don’t reshape.
  6. When shaping the middle of a male brow do not pluck or wax to far out. The space between should never be more than 3/4″.
  7. Brows should never match exactly – that will make them look too fake.
  8. Do not get your eyebrows threaded – every man I know who has had this done ended up with very feminine brows and a little bit of shame.



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