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I recently re-discovered Rudy’s Barbershop Skincare products during at stay at the Ace Hotel in NYC and feel back in love with them all over again. I love the packaging; put something in a brown bottle with simple type and I am all over it. But besides the great packaging, it’s actually great product. Now you can shop them online for at home use. Below are my favourites.

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The Minimalist Gift Set, $75

#1 Shampoo: You will love the way this shampoo smells; scented with a citrus top note, a heart note of balsamic, and woody/floral base notes. The shampoo contains rocket extract that is rich in vitamins B and C, providing anti-stress factors and protection against free radicals.  The wweet almond protein protects, deeply hydrates and restores hair.

#2 Conditioner: The conditioner also has citrus and floral top notes, a fresh heart note and a musky floral base note. The nutrient rich formula always leaves my hair feel soft and manageable – not weighed down.

#3 Body Wash:  The formulation includes olive oil surfactants for gentle cleansing, with rocket extract for protection against free radicals.  Sweet almond protein protects, deeply hydrates, and restores skin. A great body wash for everyday, I prefer to use the peppermint volcano soap daily – keep reading.

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Peppermint Volcano Soap, $10

What I love about the peppermint bar, besides the intense peppermint smell that wakes you up, is that it is filled with ground pumice that does a great job exfoliating your whole body. Made for Rudy’s by Level Naturals — 100% vegan, 100% natural and completely gluten free.

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