COS comes to America


If you don’t know COS by now you should; often called H&M more stylish older sibling. While H&M aims to always be on trend, COS focuses on stylish classics. In other words, while H&M might get ‘inspired’ by Givenchy or Balenciaga…COS seems to go more the route of APC or Alexander Wang but at a much more competitive price point. I love COS because it reminds me of the days before Club Monaco turned into another J.Crew. Yes, when I used to be able to buy simple black dress shirts at Club before it went all preppy and plaid. Ugh.

All this rambling is to say COS is opening stores in America but first it has launched an e-commerce site. Enjoy an introductory discount of 25% SHOP NOW.  This is good shit. And ladies, their women’s collection is divine. Simply divine.



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