Beach’d Hair

As a self proclaimed good hair guy, okay perhaps it was a title bestowed upon by friends, I will let you in on some secrets.  

I often wear my hair in a slick-back style or retro inspired modified pompadours but as summer comes it’s time to embrace the beach hair. It’s time for your hair to be a little less perfect and little less pretentious. This is my favourite hair, perhaps because it reminds me of childhood summers in the ocean or because it’s dead simple. It was also a favourite look on the D Squared Runway for SS2014. The best beach hair is dirty beach hair. By now, I am sure you probably all have encountered the range of salt spray hair products out there and they do work amazing for creating that perfect day at the beach hair but did you know you can also use the same spray when styling a slick back pompadours?

First the Spray:


There are many sprays on the market and I will admit that my go-to sea spray for years was Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (and it  is still a great staple if you can’t get your hands on this recommend). But my new favourite is from Cold Spring Apothecary – Citrus Ginger Sea Salt Spray. This spray is filled with magnesium-rich dead sea salts, that help to add volume and create the random, undone textured look you are searching. But what I love about this product is that it does so without the drying effects of most sea salt sprays. The secret is the addition of coconut and jojoba oils that condition your hair. And I fucking love the smell of ginger and citrus.

Now the Beach Hair: It’s always better if your hair is a day from the gym. I know it sounds gross—but the combination of a little bit of your own sweat and a little bit dirty helps. So here’s your excuse to get your ass back into the gym – better hair. Once it’s ‘sweaty dirty’, apply the spray and use the palm of your hand to spread it around your hair. Now let it sit for a minute or two. After it sets, use your hand to pull it around and style it. Don’t overwork it, just make it slightly messy and natural like below.



The Modified Pompadour Tricks: I call this the modified pompadour because its not quite as high and perfect as a normal pompadour – it feels more modern. Start by spraying and working in the sea salt spray into your slightly damp hair before you start. This will add body and texture and help with the height. Now brush hair forward as you dry it (hair dryer will do wonders here) – this builds the lift.  Add some pomade to your hands (warm it up with your hands before applying to your hair) and sweep your hair straight back and off your face. Slick the sides and your done.



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