Fifth Day of Cocktails

For the fifth day of cocktails my bartender made for me – five Gin Martinis.

Yes, I need five today. And so will you to get you through this family Holiday season.

As far as martinis go, a traditional martini is always made with gin. Always. It is only more recently that people who couldn’t handle their gin invented a blander cousin – the vodka martini. This recipe takes a slight twist on the original by replacing a twist of lemon or an olive with a slice of cucumber. Traditions are always more fun with a twist. You must use Hendrick’s gin for this particular version,  why Hendrick’s? In addition to the traditional juniper infusion, Hendrick’s uses Bulgarian rose and cucumber to add flavour during the distilling process.[NB: Tanqueray is best for dirty martinis and Bombay works best for martinis with a lemon twist]


  • 1 ½ oz (40ml) Hendrick’s Gin
  • ¾ oz (20ml) dry vermouth
  • cucumber slice

1. Stir Vermouth and Hendrick’s Gin over ice cubes in mixing glass [gin martinis are better stirred – vodka martinis are better shaken]

2. Strain into martini glass

3. Garnish with a cucumber slice

4. Enjoy

5. Repeat four more times


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