Quilting Trend

The quilted trend has been all over the fashion scene lately, you can even find quilted shorts and pants now. But what if we go back to the origins of this trend – Quilts themselves – namely, the 212 Deadquilt. The nostalgic in me, yes it is in there somewhere, will always remember quilts fondly and our summer home in Nova Scotia. But these aren’t your grandmothers quilts. First off, they are way cheaper than many a handmade quilt out there – especially the antiques. Second, they are updated and modernized. But they do still stick to the idea of using scrap or leftover fabrics. Deadstock.

The 212 Deadquilt is made with printed fabrics unearthed from textile warehouses across America. Each bolt of printed fabric is hand selected by WINTERCHECK FACTORY®. Many of the mills that fabricated these bolts have long since shut their doors, and these prints will never be produced again. Quantities are limited. They are many interesting and colourful combinations but I will stick to the graphic neutrals thank you very much. At $165, skip IKEA and buy one of these.



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