Bar vs Liquid shower soap is not up for debate. Not only is bar soap better for you and the environment (less chemicals and less packaging) but it’s also just ‘manlier’. I have always been a fan of bar soap, you can take your shower pouf and you know what…. I know many men complain that bar soap can be drying, or at least the commercials try to tell us that – my reply – stop buying cheap soap. Buy a good bar of soap.

The best bar soap I have discovered in recent years is by Bliss Spa. The minty fresh lather is amazing. Not only do the oversized nubs provide for an in shower message for sore muscles but the bar also contains jojoba beads for exfoliation. The minty fresh fragrance is cooling and refreshing; it wakes me up every morning. Just be delicate around your delicate bits. Buy multiples.


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