With the crisp Fall air comes the warning that Winter is quickly approaching, which means to me that it times to get new gloves. As a smart phone user I have often struggled to find gloves that work with smart phones and are actually fashion forward. It is next to impossible. I have bought many pairs over the years for this very function and been disappointed by the result – either tech wise or quality wise. Enter Quill&Tine, a Canadian based glove company that is here to change what smart technology gloves look and feel like. Designed in our home and native land, Quill & Tine gloves are handcrafted with supple lambskin leather that is engineered to interface with touchscreen technology, as well as soft cashmere & lambswool for an added touch of luxury and warmth. The only trouble is that I can’t decided between two pairs – get both?


The Wellington, $145



The Richmond, $145

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